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The Gospel Messengers have been spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music for over fortysix years.  From our beginning in Richland, Mississippi, The Gospel Messengers have toured extensively, proclaming our Lord through song and testimony.  Now based in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, we are continuing our ministry of serving and sharing Jesus Christ. Rooted in traditional Southern Gospel, our ministry incorporates both traditional and modern Gospel musical arrangements. 

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Just Thinking.........
An epic battle? A war of great consequence? Well, maybe for some. Iran; Syria; Jordan? No, I'm talking about the 'Super Bowl'. Millions watched it last night. They hung on every play. They watched every tic of the clock. When it was over, one team won. In this case it was the New England Patriots. Many of us didn't seem as interested since we didn't have 'a dog in that race'. But there were some things that did interest me. 

After the game, I was amazed at the self-focus of so many of these "stars". It was all me..me..me. I did this or that. I'm so good. But there was one bright spot. I was impressed by the statement from Russell Wilson, the quarter-back from Seattle. He didn't blame others for the lose. He shouldered his responsibility. Then he said, "Thank you God for the opportunity. We'll be back.... I will never give up on who He called me to be...." Russell recognized the source of everything. Amazing.

So many times Israel, followed God and then turned away from him. They turned their backs until they were in dire need. In I Samuel, chapter 7, Israel was attacked by the Philistines. It was to be an epic battle. But God stepped in and defeated the Philistines in front of all of Israel. "Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us." I Samuel 7:12

Ebenezer means "the stone of help." Where is our Ebenezer? Do we have one? Or, have we become like the 'stars' of last nights winning team and claimed our independence from God's help. Our prayer should be to have the understanding to recognize that our help comes from the Lord. In victory or defeat, God is always our help and assurance. We must always thank God for the opportunities he gives us. Where shall we 'lift our Ebenezer'. God bless you Russell Wilson. 
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