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The Gospel Messengers have been spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music for over fortyfive years.  From our beginning in Richland, Mississippi, The Gospel Messengers have toured extensively, proclaming our Lord through song and testimony.  Now based in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, we are continuing our ministry of serving and sharing Jesus Christ. Rooted in traditional Southern Gospel, our ministry incorporates both traditional and modern Gospel musical arrangements. 

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Just Thinking.........
We have all heard the old expression, 'ignorance of the law is no excuse'. Many guilty individuals have stood before a judge and uttered that plea; but I am sure it didn't help at all. There will be many lost individuals that will stand before the ultimate judge, God himself, and cry out that 'I didn't know'. But this is an empty excuse. Even the native from the deepest part of the Amazon jungle will have no excuse. All anyone has to do is look around and they will have to recognize the handy work of God. I know that the native in the Amazon may not know the biblical context of God, or the Gospel, but they can see in the very existence of life itself that the creator is at work. However, there are many well educated and observant people that miss that point completely. We have become so self-centered, self-driven and self-aware, that we can't look beyond the creature to see the creator. Man, in his folly, has said that 'there is no god'. Man has rationalized the existence of himself without the touch of the Master. They subscribe to the "Big Bang" theory, that supposes that the universe, and all that is included in it, came from the explosive action when all matter was compressed into a small single unit. But these intellectuals haven't been able to explain where that initial compressed matter came from. It couldn't explode if it wasn't already there. They will stand before God with no excuse......

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead: so that they are without excuse:" Romans 1:20.
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