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The Gospel Messengers have been spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music for over fortyfive years.  From our beginning in Richland, Mississippi, The Gospel Messengers have toured extensively, proclaming our Lord through song and testimony.  Now based in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, we are continuing our ministry of serving and sharing Jesus Christ. Rooted in traditional Southern Gospel, our ministry incorporates both traditional and modern Gospel musical arrangements. 

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Just Thinking.........
The cross...... What is it? Two crude timbers bound together. To the Romans it was the ultimate in capital punishment: it was horrific to the one crucified, and it was the ultimate deterrent to those that observed it. To the crusaders of the middle ages, it was the symbol of their quest. In every war in the last two centuries, it has been a sign of help and assistance. However, in this modern era that we live, it seems to have become just a trinket to be worn. So, what is it to us???? For many of us, Paul states it quite clearly; IT IS THE POWER OF GOD. For it was on the cross that God revealed the depth of His Love for mankind. It is the symbol of God's ultimate love for Jerry Jay and (insert your name here). Jesus cried from the cross, "IT IS FINISHED". What was finished? His life, His humiliation, His torture? No! His work of salvation and our redemption. It was on that cross that Jesus paid the ransom for my soul, redeemed the one owned by sin, and placed upon me HIS robe of righteousness. We must remember that it wasn't the two pieces of wood, but, it was what Jesus did there that makes the ultimate difference in our lives today and for all eternity. So 'cherish it' with all your heart.

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us that are saved it is the power of God." I Corinthians 1:18.
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